A Trip to Jodhpur – Attending a Music Concert

Becoming involved with the world’s free for all, the greater part of us neglect to loosen up some of the time.The reasons for it are clear. Occupations have turned out to be exceedingly focused and as we as a whole inspire ourselves harder to stay in front of the opposition, it gets hard to stay in contact with ourselves. Every one of us needs a break once in a while, however shockingly, having the capacity to do as such is an uncommon extravagance. As of late I needed to go to Jodhpur on a business related trip, and I thought I ought to exploit my leisure time there and roam around the the city I had heard such a great amount about, and had for the longest time been wanting to visit.

Jodhpur is the second biggest city in the Indian state of Rajasthan. It was in the past the seat of a royal regime of the same name, the capital of the kingdom known as Marwar. Jodhpur is a prominent visitor destination, highlighting numerous royal residences, fortifications and sanctuaries, set in the stark scene of the Thar Desert.The city is popularly known as the “Sun City” for the splendid, sunny climate it appreciates all the year around. I have wanted to visit Jodhpur for a while now, and now that I got a chance, I planned to make the most of it.

Booking My Flight to Jodhpur

Jet Airways | Image Resource : oneindia.com

Following a couple of hours of research, I was at long last ready to book the flight that was most convenient for my travel. I picked Jet Airways as they were putting forth incredible services at conservative costs and I chose that the carrier fit my needs impeccably for the outing. The leg room was brilliant on the flight, which is truly vital for a long flight.

A Luxurious Stay At Umaid Bhawan

The Umaid Bhawan Palace, Jodhpur is one of the foremost hotels in Jodhpur, combine soothing and relaxing design to cutting edge, modern services and amenities. Aside from best in class components and pleasantries, staying at Umaid Bhawan Palace, is an imperial involvement in its actual sense. Visitors wake up to peacocks moving in the adjacent lush green lawns. They can take a midnight dip in the underground Zodiac Pool. A summary of services at the hotel:

  • Spa
  • Swimming Pool
  • Multi-Cuisine Restaurant
  • Wireless Internet
  • Gym

Umaid Bhawan Palace | Image Resource : taj.tajhotels.com

Trying Jodhpur’s Delicious Food

I was especially excited to try some of the best dishes that Jodhpur’s local cuisine had to offer. Two of the dishes that were especially on my mind were the MakhaniyaLassi and Kabuli. I first set forth to try the Lassi.

Otherwise called buttermilk, this smooth refreshment is made with saffron and cardamom and is extremely mainstream in Jodhpur. The market near the Clock Tower is exceptionally prevalent for its lassi. Each and everyrestaurant or sweet shop in Jodhpur serves MakhaniyaLassi. Next I tried the famous Rajasthani Kabuli. This rice dish is made by blending a few vegetables, curd, dry natural products and so forth into a genuinely rich planning.


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