A Lovely Stay At The Melbourne Airport After A Planned Flight

They say that invitations by loved ones should not be refused no matter how far they call you; you have to attend and be there. This was one such thing that happened to me as well when my sister invited me for her newborns 1st birthday. I love this little baby and had to be there at any cost because he is my heart so I decided to travel all the way to Melbourne from Mumbai; yes you heard it right I travelled from Mumbai to Melbourne to attend the birthday party of my nephew.

So I had to do so many things before I travelled as this was my first journey to a foreign country so the first step was to get Visa for Australia for which my father arranged. Then the second thing was to book for flight tickets but unfortunately I had no idea how to book tickets as I had never done it before in my life. So I was confused and was fanatically looking for Mumbai to Melbourne flights everywhere. I had heard my sister saying that she plans for the flight so I just called her and asked some help from her.

How my sister taught me planning for flights?

Well this is not Arcahmdis law or Newton’s principle neither rocket science to be so confused off was her first line. Then she told me to write down all my needs on a paper. She knew very well that I am very selective in nature so the first thing was did I have any particular airline that I wanted to travel in and the answer was yes as I prefer travelling on the Jet Airways so she told me to look for Jet Airways flights only. Then she asked me the budget so I said daddy is paying on which she smiled but i understood that it is an important part of planning.

Mumbai To Melbourne FlightsMumbai To Melbourne Flights | Image Resource : atwonline.com

Then sheasked me if I wanted any specific seat in the flight to which i replied yes because I am very comfortable sitting in the window seat. You may think why a window seat in a flight the reason is that there is no tension or worry of being constantly irritated by people moving inside flight. Then the final thing was she asked me if I would like to eat anything in the flight and the answer was yes because it’s a long journey. Then she told me to keep all these things in mind and book flight tickets using an online travel portal and I booked tickets on Jet Airways flight – 9W12.

At the Melbourne airport

Melbourne AirportMelbourne Airport | Image Resource : melbourneairport.com

The flight reached on time and lo!! My sister was late and i had to wait for an hour in the Melbourne Airport. So i got to see the whole airport from the place where i was sitting. This is for sure one of the biggest airports that i have seen in my life. With more than 20 flights leaving and arriving in an hour that makes it one of the busiest airport in Australia. There are restaurants and snack bars in the airport with about 30 checks in counters of different airlines.


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