The Beautiful Experience Visiting Monuments of India

I have been settled in Travancore for the last seven years. Over this time period we have visited most of the popular destinations across Kerala. But I was eager to visit some other part of India. My husband suggested that we should go to Bangalore. So as per our plan we boarded an Indigo flight from Trivandrum to Bangalore.

Indigo Flight From Trivandrum to Bangalore
Indigo Flight From Trivandrum to Bangalore | Image Resource :

We stayed at a hotel located in Electronics City, one of the prime locations of Bangalore. It had a calm, relaxed ambience and had a touch of regality. The hotel was well connected with the major landmarks of the city such as Tipu Sultan’s Palace and Bangalore Palace. So, we didn’t face a big issue while commuting across the city. Here are some of the major attractions that we visited during our Bangalore trip : –

Tipu Sultan’s Palace
Tipu Sultan’s Palace | Image Resource :

Tipu Sultan’s Palace

Tipu Sultan’s Palace is one of the finest examples of Indo-Islamic architecture which developed during the medieval period. This palace used to be the summer residence of Tipu Sultan, the ruler of Mysore. Constructed in 1791, it was used by the British as their Secretariat following the death of Tipu Sultan in the Fourth Anglo-Mysore War. The entire palace was created from teak and has numerous balconies, arches and pillars. We also visited the Vintage Gallery which has several sketches of many south Indian cities like Mysore, Bangalore, Kanchipuram and Chennai by James Hunter.

Old Dungeon Fort and Gates

Also known as Bangalore Fort, it was built in 1537 as a mud fort by Kempe Gowda who was the vassal of Vijaynagar empire. It was a key military outpost of Tipu Sultan and was captured by Lord Cornwallis on 1791 during the Third Mysore War (1790-1792). Heavily damaged during the war, only a small bastion and façade of the well -known Mysore Gate remain. The Lalbagh, a picturesque garden created by Hyder Ali is a major attraction here.

We had a great time visiting Lalbagh which is a replica of the Mughal Gardens. Covering an area of 240 acres, it is home to more than 1000 types of plants, some of which were brought from countries like Afghanistan, Iran and France. It is also home to a few varieties of birds like Pond Herons, Mynas, Parakeets, Purple Moor Hens and Common Egrets.

Bangalore Palace

The palace was built in the pattern of England’s Windsor Castle. Surrounded by gardens, it is a fine specimen of the Tudor style of architecture. It used to be the residence of the Wodeyars who ruled Mysore for several centuries. The kings were famous hunters. We came across an elephant head at the palace’s entrance. There are also several stools ad vases created from elephant feet and trunk.

Windsor Castle
Windsor Castle | Image Resource :

The palace has battlements and turrets which are typical features of the Tudor style of architecture. The furniture within the palace resembles the Victorian, neo – classical and Edwardian styles. We were highly impressed by the palace’s interior which contains cornices, wood carvings and floral motifs.

The trip offered complete value for money we spent. As it was the monsoon season, we were able to acquire discounts on flight tickets from Trivandrum to Bangalore for return journey too. This made us spend the same money on a bit more of sightseeing and enjoying the beauty of the place.


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