Travelled Back Home After 6 Long Years On The Farakka Express (13483)

Farakka Express Time Table

Farakka Express Time Table | Image Resource :

The joy of going back home after 6 long years is unexplainable especially when you are going to meet your family and good old friends. I won’t say I was excited, but I was really emotional thinking what will be the things back in home and how will they react after seeing me. Although due to advancement of technology people can now connect to each in seconds and in case if you want to see someone desperately you can give them a video call. All this till cant suffice the real feeling of being in a place with your family and friends.

The planning for this trip started when I decided to go back home in the same train that I come to Patna in 6 years back the Farakka Express (13483). Train schedules may change so it was important that I check out the Farakka Express Time Table to know the present timing of the train. Thereafter the process of planning for the train started which I am about to explain just below.

Varanasi City

Varanasi City | Image Resource :

Planning for the train

I forgot to mention that my job involves a lot of travelling so I have learnt the process of planning for trains. This is something that a person learns as he or she continues to travel as this comes with experience which I have in bulk when it comes to travelling. The Farakka Express (13483) arrives at the Patna station early morning at 05:20 am and reaches Varanasi at 11:10 am a journey of around 6 hours. So as this was a early morning train and would take about 6 hours to reach my destination so I booked my tickets on the AC-2 Tier coach so that I could sleep a little on the way.

There are about 14 stations in which this train would stop so I had no worry at all about the food as a lot of vendors would get into the train selling eatables. Yes I did take a bottle of water along with me as that is mandatory, so in total using the Farakka Express Time Table was very helpful and useful for me to book tickets and plan for my train.


Varanasi station | Image Resource :

The very beautiful Varanasi station

One of the busiest railway stations in India due to three reasons passengers who come for pilgrimage, cargo that comes from all across the country and finally people like me who travel back home. The Varanasi station has a very long original name and that is Varanasi Cantonment Railway Station. We used to say back home that by the time you read the full name of the station the train that you are travelling in may reach the next station.

Well jokes apart, let’s speak about this beautiful station of my hometown, this station had 9 platforms with fully functional 13 tracks. This station comes under the Northern Railways and is filled with passenger amenities like tea stalls, book shops and passenger help cells on every platform. There are a lot of porters who help to carry heavy luggage from one place to another in the station at very cheap rates.



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