Fashion Show In the City Of Nawabs: An Unforgettable Trip!

Air India

Air India | Image Resource :

It is the work that defines a person. It is the work that provides a reputation to a person. So a great amount of effort is required to maintain that position. Being a part of the fashion industry, attending fashion shows is one of the duties and that need to be fulfilled by me. Proper designing of the clothes need to be done by me.

Last weekend, I received a call saying that I need to attend a fashion show in the coming week and that too, to Hyderabad. I was quite happy to go to that event as I will get a break from my daily office routine.


The flight was to be booked by the company itself. So I did not have to worry about the booking arrangements. After two days I got my ticket which was from Air India. I was really excited because I had already heard about the wonderful service provided by them.

Air India flight:

I boarded my flight as per the time. After that, I was served a welcome drink. The economy class of the flight was not less than the business class. It was as comfortable and enjoyable as the business class of the flight. The flight from Goa to Hyderabad was direct. So I did not have a headache to change my flight. The service provided was indeed very good.

Rajiv Gandhi International Airport:

I landed at the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport. The airport is situated in the southern part of the Hyderabad. I was amazed to see the cleanliness of the airport. At that point, I felt like it was the best airport in the India. As I landed in the night, I was lucky to get the night view of the airport i.e. the lightening of the airport.

The security was quite helpful as they help me in carrying my luggage to the main gate. Then talking about the infrastructure, it was too good. The shops available at the airport were too nice. The chocolate shop, gifts shop was best one. The food shop like Mc Donald was also available. Then at the time of exiting the airport also arranged a cab for me so that I can drive safely towards my hotel. According to me, it was the best airport I had visited in my life.

Dream Valley Resort

Dream Valley Resort

Dream Valley Resort:

The Dream Valley Resort, Hyderabad is located in the laps of nature. It is a perfect location to spend time for leisure as well as for the work purpose. The hospitality of the hotel binds the customer to that hotel. The hotel is 31 km from the airport. The room that I got was a deluxe suit. The facilities provided by the hotel make the stay tension free.

The room was quite big with all the latest facilities available like Wi-Fi, television and so on. It also had Water Park attached to it. Various kinds of sports and activities were also available. It was a luxurious hotel.

My event went really well and I returned with beautiful memories of the trip.


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