Must-Try Restaurants In Bangalore If You Are A Foodie


Bangalore | Image Resource :

Bangalore, the ‘Silicon Valley’ of India and the capital of the Karnataka state is a leading city in the information technology. In this city, there are many Indian technological organization’s headquarters. Also, this city offers many tourist places. Many people visit Bangalore city either for job purpose or for vacation. Thus, Bangalore is a major destination attracting both tourists and business travelers alike.

Another important city in Karnataka state is Hubli. It is a crucial commercial and business center of the North Karnataka region. Hubli is a major trading center for various commodities like crops, etc. It also houses a number of government offices outside Bangalore.

Hubli to Bangalore trains

Hubli to Bangalore trains | Image Resource :

How To Reach:

Hubli and Bangalore are well-connected to each other through an excellent network of air, rail and road route. Indian railways play a major role in the transportation within the country. It is the affordable and convenient mode of transportation. Hence, many Hubli to Bangalore trains are scheduled at regular intervals. There are around 87 weekly trains from Hubli to Bangalore. Some of the popular trains are Jan Shatabdi Express, Bangalore Express, Kochuveli Express, Hubli Junction Chennai Express, etc.

Famous Restaurants in Bangalore:

Bangalore is a destination for workaholics and foodies. There are many restaurants in the city. Some of the must-visit restaurants in Bangalore are:

Mavalli Tiffin Room

Mavalli Tiffin Room | Image Resource :

  • Mavalli Tiffin Room: For tasting delicious Ravaidli and masala dosa, do visit this place. Mavalli Tiffin Room has been a delight for food-lovers in Bangalore for decades. This place has good ambiance and the food is simply tasty here.
  • Fava: This classic restaurant serves Mediterranean cuisine. It serves best Lebanese and Moroccan food in the Bangalore city. In addition, this place offers some of the best drinks from their large menu of wine cocktails. This restaurant is popular among the foodies as it features freshly prepared sausages and bread.
  • Karavalli: Experience extremely delicious South Indian dishes in this restaurant. Here, you can taste finger-licking seasonal curries and wood-fired meats. The specialties of this place are the Mangalorean and Goan dishes. Karavallli restaurant has good seafood and vegetarian options as well on their menu.
  • Café Thulp: A famous hangout place in Bangalore, Café thulp serves best burgers in this city. This place offers various exotic burger options like the gonzeshwara burger, which has a fillet steak wrapped in bacon. It is then topped with cheese and egg. In addition, they also offer a delicious variety of vegetarian and standard burgers.
  • Edo Restaurant And Bar:If you rare fond of authentic Japanese dishes then, do visit Edo restaurant and bar. This restaurant serves the luxuriously sumptuous dishes. The sushi bar offers numerous sushi options. It also offers a good range of sashimi.
  • Barbeque Nation: One of the most places in the city is Barbeque nation. Some must eat dishes from this place are the seafood, sizzling meats, and vegetarian delicacies. This restaurant has the provision of the live grill on each table.

hus, they serve the starters- Hot!

There are many other interesting and affordable restaurants in Bangalore where you can enjoy delicious authentic Indian and International dishes.


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