Trivandrum to Abu Dhabi Cheap Flight Tickets – Help You Have Great Fun and Entertainment

Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi City | Image Resource :

With tourism playing a major part in the UAE, where Dubai and Abu Dhabi are considered to be the two most important tourist destinations. Abu Dhabi, for instance, has grown to offer the best infrastructures and attractions and tourists travel to this city from places across the world irrespective of seasons. With airlines offering excellent flight networks, there is no difficulty in flying anytime.

Many cities in India are connected conveniently with Abu Dhabi. Trivandrum figures one of the important cities offering regular flights. The Trivandrum to Abu Dhabi cheap flight tickets help you visit the city and have great time.

Some Fun Things to Do in Abu Dhabi

Being under the shadow of Dubai for many years, Abu Dhabi has today grown to become a leading destination for tourists who want to have fun and entertainment. Here are the must-do activities for you while in the city.

Promenading along the Corniche

Whether you are traveling with your family or friends, the picnic to the Corniche is unavoidable for this vast promenade of about nine kilometers has everything like the beaches, gardens, parks, shopping centers, hotels and restaurants. You can spend ample time with your family at the beach or watch your children playing in the play area. There are facilities for sitting under the sunshades or swimming under the watchful eyes of lifeguards.

As for the parks, you can find many themed parks; the family park is the attraction with a toddlers’ village, with many attractions like the trains, boats, playing and climbing equipment, Tranquility Bay and Treasure Island. There are also water parks, which can be accessed through the ramps. For the recreation and fitness, there is a Recreation Park and a Formal Park.

The other attractions at the Corniche are the massive emirate’s flag flying atop a pole of the 360 feet height, the Capital Gate building and the Etihad Towers, which is a shopping mall for high branded products.

Trivandrum to Abu Dhabi cheap flight tickets

Trivandrum to Abu Dhabi cheap flight tickets | Image Resource :

Marvel the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

If there is one good to visit the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque during your fun trip, it is for its amazing architecture exhibited through the eighty two domes and over thousand columns. Listed under the largest mosques in the world, the stunning white and gold color of the building is a treat to the eyes. The mosque represents the mix of different architectural styles of Mamluk, Fatimid and Ottoman, which are recognized as various Islamic dynasties.

With the admission free on all the days from 9 am to 10 pm, tourists can visit the place and opt for walk-in tours offered at different timings. Some of the attractions here are the largest chandelier and carpet and a room to accommodate forty thousand worshippers.

Feel the Adrenaline Rush at the Ferrari World and Yas Island

A place that never fails to figure in the Abu Dhabi-visit itinerary, Ferrari World is positioned in the Yas Island and need entry tickets to gain entry. The theme park offered thrilling rides, which are categorized into ‘Family, Kids and Thrill’. The picks of the lots are the Formula Rossa and Fiorano GT Challenge.

As for the shows, there are many at various timings. You can check in the Viva Ferrari for some exhilarating 3D animations. With shopping at the Ferrari Store for different sports clothing and accessories and souvenirs, you can have complete entertainment. The Yas Island offers many rides in the Waterworld. You can choose anything from slides to raft rides.

The other activities are desert tours, camel safari, and so on.


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