Trivandrum to Abu Dhabi Cheap Flight Tickets – Help You Have Great Fun and Entertainment

Abu Dhabi

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With tourism playing a major part in the UAE, where Dubai and Abu Dhabi are considered to be the two most important tourist destinations. Abu Dhabi, for instance, has grown to offer the best infrastructures and attractions and tourists travel to this city from places across the world irrespective of seasons. With airlines offering excellent flight networks, there is no difficulty in flying anytime.

Many cities in India are connected conveniently with Abu Dhabi. Trivandrum figures one of the important cities offering regular flights. The Trivandrum to Abu Dhabi cheap flight tickets help you visit the city and have great time.

Some Fun Things to Do in Abu Dhabi

Being under the shadow of Dubai for many years, Abu Dhabi has today grown to become a leading destination for tourists who want to have fun and entertainment. Here are the must-do activities for you while in the city.

Promenading along the Corniche

Whether you are traveling with your family or friends, the picnic to the Corniche is unavoidable for this vast promenade of about nine kilometers has everything like the beaches, gardens, parks, shopping centers, hotels and restaurants. You can spend ample time with your family at the beach or watch your children playing in the play area. There are facilities for sitting under the sunshades or swimming under the watchful eyes of lifeguards.

As for the parks, you can find many themed parks; the family park is the attraction with a toddlers’ village, with many attractions like the trains, boats, playing and climbing equipment, Tranquility Bay and Treasure Island. There are also water parks, which can be accessed through the ramps. For the recreation and fitness, there is a Recreation Park and a Formal Park.

The other attractions at the Corniche are the massive emirate’s flag flying atop a pole of the 360 feet height, the Capital Gate building and the Etihad Towers, which is a shopping mall for high branded products.

Trivandrum to Abu Dhabi cheap flight tickets

Trivandrum to Abu Dhabi cheap flight tickets | Image Resource :

Marvel the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

If there is one good to visit the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque during your fun trip, it is for its amazing architecture exhibited through the eighty two domes and over thousand columns. Listed under the largest mosques in the world, the stunning white and gold color of the building is a treat to the eyes. The mosque represents the mix of different architectural styles of Mamluk, Fatimid and Ottoman, which are recognized as various Islamic dynasties.

With the admission free on all the days from 9 am to 10 pm, tourists can visit the place and opt for walk-in tours offered at different timings. Some of the attractions here are the largest chandelier and carpet and a room to accommodate forty thousand worshippers.

Feel the Adrenaline Rush at the Ferrari World and Yas Island

A place that never fails to figure in the Abu Dhabi-visit itinerary, Ferrari World is positioned in the Yas Island and need entry tickets to gain entry. The theme park offered thrilling rides, which are categorized into ‘Family, Kids and Thrill’. The picks of the lots are the Formula Rossa and Fiorano GT Challenge.

As for the shows, there are many at various timings. You can check in the Viva Ferrari for some exhilarating 3D animations. With shopping at the Ferrari Store for different sports clothing and accessories and souvenirs, you can have complete entertainment. The Yas Island offers many rides in the Waterworld. You can choose anything from slides to raft rides.

The other activities are desert tours, camel safari, and so on.


Enjoy Amazing Food in Hyderabad – The Best of the City

Bangalore Hyderabad Flights
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Hyderabad is a great city for tourists. Here you can find not only some of the ancient monuments and medieval architectural heritages but also the best food in the country. The city is known for its amazing delicacies. This is why it is visited by people from all over the world in large numbers every year. You can also find here a number of hotels and resorts for a world class and comfortable stay in the city.

Direct Flights from Bangalore Available

Hyderabad is very well connected with different parts of India. It has a big international airport which is connected well other parts of the country. You can find several Bangalore Hyderabad flights in this route also. A total of 154 weekly flights are available in this route for the passengers. Some of the premium airlines which are operating in this sector are Indigo Airlines, Jet airways, Air India and Spice Jet.

The Best Eateries in the City

Hotel Shadab
Hotel Shadab | Image Resource:

You can book your air tickets at least 40 to 50 days in advance to get the best deals and offers. Hyderabad is one of the cities which are renowned for its food. The place has become synonymous to some of the delicacies like Biryani. Hence there are some eateries and other places which you should surely visit in the city like

  • Hotel Shadab
  • Chutney
  • Famous Ice Cream
  • Badam ki Jali
  • Shah Ghouse Cafe

If you are looking for trying some authentic chicken nihari in the city then the place you want to visit is Hotel Shadab. This delicacy is available here only on the Saturdays. The place also serves Haleem during Ramzan. It is a famous eatery in the city and is opposite to the Madina Building in the city. There are several eating joints here which serve the best biryanis and kebabs which you will love as a foodie in the city.

South Indian Delicacies for the Food Lovers

To try the best Dosas, idlis, uttapams, the place you should head to is Chutney’s. It is one of the most popular vegetarian restaurants in the city. You can enjoy simple South Indian food with nominal prices and it also features good breakfast items. The place is very crowded with food lovers who throng this place on a daily basis.

In the heart of the Hyderabadi market of Mozamjai is Nampally where you will find the Famous Ice Cream shop. This place is famous for the different flavours of ice creams sold here. Here you will get one scoop of ice cream for just rs 20. There are many flavours to choose from. The best way to enjoy the ice cream is by ordering at least a litre of it and share with a friend at night.

Badam ki Jali and Shah Ghouse Cafe are also places you should visit. Badam ki Jali is famous as a sweetmeat sold exclusively here. It is made in variety of shapes and sizes. Similarly you can also visit the Shah Cafe serving the best chai in the city along with several amazing bakery products.

A Lovely Stay At The Melbourne Airport After A Planned Flight

They say that invitations by loved ones should not be refused no matter how far they call you; you have to attend and be there. This was one such thing that happened to me as well when my sister invited me for her newborns 1st birthday. I love this little baby and had to be there at any cost because he is my heart so I decided to travel all the way to Melbourne from Mumbai; yes you heard it right I travelled from Mumbai to Melbourne to attend the birthday party of my nephew.

So I had to do so many things before I travelled as this was my first journey to a foreign country so the first step was to get Visa for Australia for which my father arranged. Then the second thing was to book for flight tickets but unfortunately I had no idea how to book tickets as I had never done it before in my life. So I was confused and was fanatically looking for Mumbai to Melbourne flights everywhere. I had heard my sister saying that she plans for the flight so I just called her and asked some help from her.

How my sister taught me planning for flights?

Well this is not Arcahmdis law or Newton’s principle neither rocket science to be so confused off was her first line. Then she told me to write down all my needs on a paper. She knew very well that I am very selective in nature so the first thing was did I have any particular airline that I wanted to travel in and the answer was yes as I prefer travelling on the Jet Airways so she told me to look for Jet Airways flights only. Then she asked me the budget so I said daddy is paying on which she smiled but i understood that it is an important part of planning.

Mumbai To Melbourne FlightsMumbai To Melbourne Flights | Image Resource :

Then sheasked me if I wanted any specific seat in the flight to which i replied yes because I am very comfortable sitting in the window seat. You may think why a window seat in a flight the reason is that there is no tension or worry of being constantly irritated by people moving inside flight. Then the final thing was she asked me if I would like to eat anything in the flight and the answer was yes because it’s a long journey. Then she told me to keep all these things in mind and book flight tickets using an online travel portal and I booked tickets on Jet Airways flight – 9W12.

At the Melbourne airport

Melbourne AirportMelbourne Airport | Image Resource :

The flight reached on time and lo!! My sister was late and i had to wait for an hour in the Melbourne Airport. So i got to see the whole airport from the place where i was sitting. This is for sure one of the biggest airports that i have seen in my life. With more than 20 flights leaving and arriving in an hour that makes it one of the busiest airport in Australia. There are restaurants and snack bars in the airport with about 30 checks in counters of different airlines.

The Beautiful Experience Visiting Monuments of India

I have been settled in Travancore for the last seven years. Over this time period we have visited most of the popular destinations across Kerala. But I was eager to visit some other part of India. My husband suggested that we should go to Bangalore. So as per our plan we boarded an Indigo flight from Trivandrum to Bangalore.

Indigo Flight From Trivandrum to Bangalore
Indigo Flight From Trivandrum to Bangalore | Image Resource :

We stayed at a hotel located in Electronics City, one of the prime locations of Bangalore. It had a calm, relaxed ambience and had a touch of regality. The hotel was well connected with the major landmarks of the city such as Tipu Sultan’s Palace and Bangalore Palace. So, we didn’t face a big issue while commuting across the city. Here are some of the major attractions that we visited during our Bangalore trip : –

Tipu Sultan’s Palace
Tipu Sultan’s Palace | Image Resource :

Tipu Sultan’s Palace

Tipu Sultan’s Palace is one of the finest examples of Indo-Islamic architecture which developed during the medieval period. This palace used to be the summer residence of Tipu Sultan, the ruler of Mysore. Constructed in 1791, it was used by the British as their Secretariat following the death of Tipu Sultan in the Fourth Anglo-Mysore War. The entire palace was created from teak and has numerous balconies, arches and pillars. We also visited the Vintage Gallery which has several sketches of many south Indian cities like Mysore, Bangalore, Kanchipuram and Chennai by James Hunter.

Old Dungeon Fort and Gates

Also known as Bangalore Fort, it was built in 1537 as a mud fort by Kempe Gowda who was the vassal of Vijaynagar empire. It was a key military outpost of Tipu Sultan and was captured by Lord Cornwallis on 1791 during the Third Mysore War (1790-1792). Heavily damaged during the war, only a small bastion and façade of the well -known Mysore Gate remain. The Lalbagh, a picturesque garden created by Hyder Ali is a major attraction here.

We had a great time visiting Lalbagh which is a replica of the Mughal Gardens. Covering an area of 240 acres, it is home to more than 1000 types of plants, some of which were brought from countries like Afghanistan, Iran and France. It is also home to a few varieties of birds like Pond Herons, Mynas, Parakeets, Purple Moor Hens and Common Egrets.

Bangalore Palace

The palace was built in the pattern of England’s Windsor Castle. Surrounded by gardens, it is a fine specimen of the Tudor style of architecture. It used to be the residence of the Wodeyars who ruled Mysore for several centuries. The kings were famous hunters. We came across an elephant head at the palace’s entrance. There are also several stools ad vases created from elephant feet and trunk.

Windsor Castle
Windsor Castle | Image Resource :

The palace has battlements and turrets which are typical features of the Tudor style of architecture. The furniture within the palace resembles the Victorian, neo – classical and Edwardian styles. We were highly impressed by the palace’s interior which contains cornices, wood carvings and floral motifs.

The trip offered complete value for money we spent. As it was the monsoon season, we were able to acquire discounts on flight tickets from Trivandrum to Bangalore for return journey too. This made us spend the same money on a bit more of sightseeing and enjoying the beauty of the place.

Key Aspects of a Noteworthy Vacation with Family


Kolkata View | Image Resource :

I share a love for travelling with my wife. But since both of us are working professionals, we rarely get the time to go out for vacations. To get rid of the boredom caused by our hectic routine, we wanted to go out on a vacation. It was at this point that my wife stated that Andaman would be ideal destination for us. So, we took a SpiceJet flight to travel from Kolkata to Port Blair.

As we were travelling during the off season, we could avail cheap air tickets from Kolkata to Port Blair. We stayed at a hotel situated in one of the prime locations of Port Blair. The good connectivity of the hotel with the prime locations of the city proved to be very advantageous for us. Here are some of the highpoints of our Andaman trip: –

Visiting the major attractions of Port Blair

The next morning, we set out for sightseeing the different locations around the city. Our first destination was Cellular Jail. Infamously called Kaala Pani during the colonial period, it was used for exiling political prisoners. Converted into a national monument, it served as a prison for notable freedom fighters like Batukeshwar Dutt and Veer Savarkar.

Completed in 1906, the jail was originally constructed from puce-coloured Burmese bricks. It had seven wings with a tower in the middle to keep an eye on prisoners. A large bell was kept here for raising an alarm. We then headed to Corbyn’s Cove which is a popular beach. Surrounded by palms, the beach had a tranquil atmosphere, away from the hum drum of city life.

We also visited the Japanese bunkers which were built by the Japanese when they occupied the island during World War II. As the sun set in the backdrop, we took some awesome pictures of the bunkers.

Cheap air tickets from Kolkata to Port Blair

Cheap air tickets from Kolkata to Port Blair | Image Resource :

Excavating the Hidden Tastes of Port Blair

After spending the entire day sightseeing the major landmarks across Port Blair, we were hungry. So, we visited a restaurant which offered a wide range of Indian delicacies. The crab curry which we had here had a unique taste. Prepared using curry leaves, fenugreek seeds, coconut milk and fish tamarind, it had a unique taste and was served with rice. The grilled fish were also very delicious.

What I found great about Pot Blair’s restaurants was that we didn’t have to spend a large sum to have tasty food. The price of food items here were quite affordable as compared to other places which we had visited.

A Treat for Buyers Like Me

Port Blair wasn’t an ideal place for us compared to other places which we had visited. But the shops in Aberdeen Bazar deal in a wide range of souvenirs and trinkets such as coconut, bamboo and shell. We bought some mats made from local padau wood and pearl jewellery from the Sagarika Government Emporium. We were attracted by the simple lifestyle of the locals. Located far away from the hum drum of city life, Port Blair provided us with a unique travel experience.